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The Exterior Provides The First Impression Of Your Home.

It sets the tone and plays an important role in the overall ambiance of your home. To get satisfying visual mileage and maximum benefit from your budget, a fresh infusion of a SIKA PROTECTIVE COATING can transform your home and convey a whole new attitude.

SIKA PROTECTIVE COATING is an exterior surface coating process. Many times thicker than paint, the coating is more of a restoration process than quick fix. 

SIKA PROTECTIVE COATING is considered the best product in the world for protecting the exterior of your property. It will not chip, peel or fade. With a SIKA PROTECTIVE COATING, you will never need to repeat the coating process again. 

Sika Smooth Waterproof Coating performs the dual function of waterproofing and decorating masonry surfaces that are subject to the extremes of moisture and temperature levels. Sika protective Coating is a high quality, flexible acrylic coating with excellent adhesion on previously painted exterior masonry surfaces. It locks out moisture and provides a lasting beauty and durability.

Especially formulated for use in high temperature and high humidity coastal areas. Sika Protective Coating provides the best protection against a buildings worst enemy - rainwater. Left unchecked, rain water can seep into cracks in stucco, plaster, and masonry surfaces causing the under structure of a building to deteriorate and, in extreme cases, weaken. Moisture in any form can find its way into cracks and openings, but wind driven rain is able to penetrate even the finest cracks. Although a Sika Waterproof Coating effectively seals out moisture, because the material can breathe, water vapour from within a masonry surface can escape through it without blistering.

Sika Protective Coating gives an extremely heavy bodied, smooth finish that is long lasting and flexes with extremes in temperature. Ordinary house paints are not intended for such use and will not fill cracks. Sika Protective Coating has the ability to bridge cracks and gaps up to 1/16" and fill in other surface imperfections to provide a smoother finish. 


Sika Coatings Have Exceptional Adhesion
An exterior wall coating is no good without adhesion. The wall coating has to adhere with 100% efficiency to the original exterior wall surface which is why most cement render and other finishes and wall coatings eventually fall off.

Sika Coatings Let Buildings Breathe
Even a perfectly dry house has gallons of water trapped in the exterior wall. Seal this permanently inside and very soon the problems of condensation and damp would run riot. Sika Protective Coating is micro porous, allowing water vapour to escape freely.

Sika Coatings are Waterproof and Throw off Rain
But surely a render wall coating that lets water out will also let water in?
No, not if the material has sufficiently advanced technology.  The exterior render wall coating has to allow water vapour through but resist rain water.


Sika Coatings Resists Dirt
Atmospheric grime makes so many exterior wall coatings lose their initial appeal quickly. Sika Protective Coating is based on resin and is formulated in such a way that is ‘self-cleaning’. A few microns of the Sika Protective Coating surface are washed away by rainfall giving the surface excellent colour retention.

Sika Coatings Have Excellent Lasting Adhesion, Whatever the Surface
The more the molecules penetrate into the surface, the better the adhesion.
Resin particles being significantly smaller than most other resins, (1/100th of a micron in diameter), and the pores of the wall will always penetrate more into the surface, anchoring to the exterior wall and eliminating the risk of peeling adhesion loss.


Micro porous - Allows the Walls to Breathe
Acts as a barrier to rain. Allows the release of moisture from inside the property to prevent condensation. Acts like a skin - sufficiently impermeable to resist penetration of rain water yet thanks to its micro porous nature and excellent adhesion, allows trapped moisture in the exterior wall to escape without blistering or adhesion loss.

Durable Maintaining Its Appearance for Many Years
A few microns of the surface of the Sika Coating are regularly eliminated by rain, removing any retained dirt and preserving a cleaner surface due to this uniform erosion.

All Year Round Application
Renovations can be carried out all year round even in inclement weather conditions, low ambient temperatures or in high temperatures without the coating being affected.

Sika Protective Coating System
This system may be used on all types of exterior masonry, cement renders, concrete, brick, asbestos, stucco, pebbledash; building blocks etc. It combines versatility of application with outstanding decorative finish and durability.



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