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Our liquid is a new and revolutionary product for treatment of Rising Damp

FAST - No double drilling, no waiting for injection fluid to soak in under pressure.  It can be injected two to three times faster than ordinary liquid injection fluids. Treatment can therefore be completed earlier, minimising disruption to the householder.

CLEAN - The liquid is not injected under pressure. The risk of fluid leaking into neighbouring rooms or properties and causing damage is therefore virtually eliminated. It does not contain any hydrocarbon solvents, so has very little smell.

EFFECTIVE - The liquid is the result of an extensive in-house research and development programme. This involved the screening and testing of hundreds of potential formulations. These tests demonstrate that the product offers a higher degree of protection against rising damp than the chemical injection systems that it was designed to replace.

The liquid damp-proofing cream has also been tested independently by the British Board of Agrëment (BBA). The BBA is a Government-partnered testing organisation that has been providing authoritative and independent information on building products for over 30 years. Not all damp-proofing treatments have passed the tests necessary to achieve BBA approval. Using a BBA certified product, is your assurance that the product has been proven fit for the purpose it was designed for. 

Rising Damp...
Flaking paint, peeling wallpaper, a "musty" odour, and timber decay are among the most common symptoms of rising damp. Failure to treat rising damp properly can result in a house that is unpleasant to live in and difficult to sell, so it is important to choose an effective method of treatment.

Whenever Rising Damp is diagnosed, it is important to have the condition correctly treated, as failure to do so can cause damage and devaluation to any property. It is not sufficient to simply cover up the problem with a special paint or coating in the hope that the problem will go away. Only by preventing the dampness rising up the wall in the first place can rising dampness be adequately controlled.

A 30 year guarantee with all Damp Proofing work.





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